You have access to two libraries of existing, reusable surveys: the Veeva Library and your own customer library. The Veeva Library provides you with pre-configured and commonly-used surveys for convenient import into your study’s collection. Your own customer library contains surveys you or other users configured and saved from existing collections. Data you enter for a library survey’s review status and license purchase history is also saved in your library. For more information about how to configure a survey in MyVeeva Studio, see the Configuring a Survey Using the JSON Editor section.

To import a survey from a library to your study’s collection, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to a collection.
  2. In the Surveys tab, select Add Surveys.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Add From Library.
  4. Review the list of surveys available in the libraries. Use the tabs along the top to filter to All, eClinRO, or ePRO surveys or the Search bar to search for a specific identifier. The following information is available for each survey:
    • Survey Name: The Survey Name is the formal name of the instrument, or the name as it appears to sponsors and sites in MyVeeva Studio and in collection documents. This may differ from the display name the patient or site staff see when they are viewing or completing a survey.
    • Survey Type: The Survey Type indicates if a survey is configured as an ePRO or eClinRO survey.
    • Reviewed Status: The Reviewed column indicates whether the survey has been reviewed and approved by the agency or practitioner who owns it. This value can be changed after the survey is added to your collection.
    • Licensed Status: The Licensed column indicates whether your organization has already licensed the survey from the agency or practitioner who owns it. This value can be changed after the survey is added to your collection.
    • Languages: The Languages column provides a count of the survey’s available languages. You can hover over the number to see more details.
    • Preview: The Preview Survey (Preview Survey icon) icon provides a preview of the survey as it appears for patients or site staff. See the Previewing a Survey section for more information.
  5. If you want to import a library survey to your collection, select the Add Survey icon (Add Survey icon) to add it to your list of surveys. You can import multiple surveys from the library at once, and you can add the same survey to your collection multiple times if necessary (for example, if you need to send the same survey with different display names).
  6. Select Save. You can edit library surveys after they have been added to your collection.