The Veeva ePRO module allows you to configure ePRO for a study. The ePRO module includes the configuration of surveys, schedules, notifications, translations, and events required to support ePRO for your study. ePRO collections (the collection of all ePRO configurations for a study) can be approved and versioned in the event of any changes, such as protocol amendments. You can share approved ePRO collections with SiteVault Sites. When site staff enable participants with ePRO and participants submit ePROs (surveys) in MyVeeva for Patients, you can export ePRO-related data from the ePRO module.

If ePRO is enabled for your organization, Vault enables users to open the ePRO module from a Study record. To do this, add the value ePRO to the Connected Study Type field. You can then use the Launch ePRO action through the Actions menu to open the ePRO module for this study in a new browser tab.

To learn more about the Veeva ePRO module and how to configure ePRO for a study, see the Veeva ePRO Module Help.