During clinical trials, sponsors and CROs provide research sites with Informed Consent Form (ICF) templates. The Veeva eConsent editor allows you to transform source documents such as Microsoft Word informed consent forms (ICFs) into electronic consent (eConsent) forms. You can create, edit, and save eConsent forms in your Clinical Operations Vault.

In Clinical Operations Vaults with Veeva eConsent enabled, you can exchange eConsent forms with study sites. Study sites can then use the templates to create ICF documents and distribute the approved eConsent forms to study participants. Study participants sign these forms in MyVeeva for Patients.

For sponsors, Veeva eConsent is available if you license and configure it. For sites, Veeva eConsent is available in Study Connect if you’re conducting a study with a sponsor who uses it for a connected study.

Contact Veeva Support to add Veeva eConsent to your Clinical Operations Vault.

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