Vault allows you to reuse fields across multiple document types by creating shared fields, which exist outside the context of a document type. You can create shared fields or convert an existing field into a shared field. If a shared field is only used in one document type, you can also convert it to a non-shared field.

Accessing Shared Document Fields

Shared fields appear in Admin > Configuration > Document Fields under Shared Fields and under any linked document types. However, you can only edit a shared field if you click into its details page from Shared Fields. The Shared Field icon helps distinguish shared from non-shared fields.

How To Create New Shared Fields

To create a new shared field:

  1. From the Field Location list, click Shared Fields.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Select a field type and enter a label. The label appears as the field name for end users.
  4. Set the field options. The options vary between field types.
  5. Click Save.

How To Convert Non-Shared Fields

To create a shared field from an existing non-shared field:

  1. From the Document Fields page, select the field you wish to share.
  2. Click Convert To Shared Field. If the field is already shared, you can click Convert to Non-Shared to change it back.
  3. The newly shared field is available under Shared Fields in the document type tree.

How To Use a Shared Field in a Document Type

To assign a shared field to a document type:

  1. From the Document Fields page, select the document type to which you want to add the shared field.
  2. Click Add and select Existing Shared Field.
  3. Select the shared field you wish to assign.
  4. Click OK.