Document Migration Mode allows you to easily migrate large numbers of documents by relaxing some constraints that Vault typically enforces. For example, you can create documents, document renditions in any lifecycle state and manually set the name, document number, and version number in your CSV input file.

You can apply Document Migration Mode to new documents that you create or existing documents that you update using the Vault REST API, Vault Loader, or the Vault Loader Command Line Tool. All other documents will continue to operate as usual. You must have the Vault Owner Actions: Document Migration permission to apply migration mode using these options.

How to Use Document Migration Mode

Document Migration Mode allows you to bypass constraints on the following fields when creating documents via the uploaded CSV input file:

  • major_version_number__v
  • minor_version_number__v
  • document_number__v (documents and document versions)
  • status__v (documents and document versions)
  • rendition_type__v (document renditions)

When updating existing documents, Document Migration Mode allows you to manually reset document numbers, but does not bypass constraints on other fields.

Documents API

The Vault REST API’s Create Multiple Documents, Create Multiple Document Versions, Update Multiple Documents, and Add Multiple Document Renditions endpoints allow the X-VaultAPI-MigrationMode header, which applies Document Migration Mode to any document created or updated in that request.

Vault Loader API

Use the Vault REST API’s Load Data Objects endpoint and set the documentmigrationmode parameter to true.

Vault Loader UI

When creating or updating documents in bulk with Vault Loader, select the Document Migration Mode checkbox to apply migration mode. You can only select the checkbox if the Object Type is Documents, Document Renditions, Document Versions, or Documents, Versions, Roles.

Vault Loader CLI

Use the -documentmigrationmode parameter in the Vault Loader Command Line tool.

Limitations of Document Migration Mode

When you create or update documents via an API call or Vault Loader import where you apply Document Migration Mode, some Vault functions are limited and may require an additional step after the upload is complete. The following limitations apply only to the documents created or updated with Document Migration Mode applied:

Limitation After creating or updating documents
Disables automatic application of Legal Hold on documents Re-apply Legal Hold to the intended documents
Disables video file rendering Contact support to request re-rendering of the affected video files
Disables continuous EDL matching to documents Re-apply EDL matching to the affected documents
In Sandbox Vaults only: Disables indexing for full-text search of documents that are migrated with the X-VaultAPI-MigrationMode API header. Full-text search of documents returns to normal
In Sandbox Vaults only: OCR indexing is disabled for documents created with the X-VaultAPI-MigrationMode API header. OCR indexing of documents returns to normal
Vault does not execute Event Actions for documents uploaded via API or Vault Loader. Event Action execution returns to normal.