Depending on the email processor configured for a given Inbound Email Address, Vault will perform different actions after the email is received.

Email Processors take emails sent to configured Inbound Email Addresses and turn them into content usable by Vault. For example, the included Create Document from Email processor turns the email into a document, and stores attachments as document attachments.

Depending on your Vault’s configuration, you may have a variety of email processors available to you. Some may be bound to specific applications, such as MedComms or Clinical Operations. You can also write custom processors for your organization.

Standard Email Processors

Create Document from Email

The Create Document from Email processor converts inbound emails into unclassified Vault documents.

  • The EML (.eml) file becomes the source document.
  • If the Unclassified document type (undefined__v) is configured to allow attachments, email attachments are saved in their original formats as document attachments.
  • For each document it creates, Vault also creates an Emailed Document record with references to the document and Email record.
  • The document name is always set to the email subject (up to 100 characters), even if the Unclassified document type in your Vault uses a custom naming format.
  • Emails that are part of an email chain that has already been used to create a document are ignored by the processor. If you need to file multiple emails in a chain, forward each relevant email in the chain separately. If the email processor address is used anywhere in the chain prior to forwarding, such as in the To or CC line, Vault will not create a document. When an email is not processed into a document, this can be viewed with an associated Email object record (which will appear in a Failed state).

Application Email Processors