In addition to Vault’s standard email processor, you can use email processors specific to Clinical Operations in Clinical Vaults.

Study Communications

Similar to the standard processor, the Study Communication Email processor extracts the content of an email sent to Vault and creates an unclassified document in the sender’s Document Inbox, ready for manual classification. It also performs the following tasks:

  1. The processor creates a Study Communication Log record of type Ingested Email (ingested_email__v) and associates it with the new document.
  2. It then ensures that any changes to Study, Study Country, and Study Site on the document stay in sync with the Study Communication Log.
  3. Finally, the processor attempts to parse a Study value from the email sub-address and match it to the Email Subaddress field on Study records. Sending a document to results in the processor parsing AVEG027 as the Email Subaddress. If there is a Study record with a matching value in the Email Subaddress field, Vault sets that Study value in the Study field on the new document.