The critical path for site activation requires collecting site documents quickly, finalizing contracts and budgets, and ensuring local approvals are complete. Site Activation Progress allows study startup specialists to monitor overall progress across a study country and easily identify what is holding up each site’s greenlight by displaying details for each EDL item and site. Status indicator icons and hover cards provide detail at a glance. You can also navigate directly to documents to remind the site to submit or take other action, enabling you to get every site to first subject, first visit faster.

How to View Site Activation Progress

If this view is enabled in your Vault and accessible to you, the Site Activation Progress tab appears in your primary navigation bar. Click into the tab, then use the Study Country Selector menu to choose a country to view.

Refreshing the View

Information that appears in the Site Activation Progress view is based on the EDL item to document matching job Vault performs on a regular, scheduled basis. Sometimes, the information that you see here is not current; you can check this by looking at the EDL last matched time field.

EDL Item & Site Grouping

The Site Activation Progress view groups both EDL items and sites to help you navigate:

  • EDL items group according to the Milestone Type of their associated Milestone. A user must create a relationship between the EDL Item record and a Milestone record for the EDL item to appear in Site Activation Progress. Some EDL items do not appear because your Admin has not selected their Milestone Type to show in this view.
  • Sites group according to their Planned SIV Date and the current date: Overdue for SIV dates in the past, In the Next for dates that are coming soon, and Planned for dates further in the future. There is also a Complete group for sites with Actual SIV Date populated.

Status Indicators

Site Activation Progress displays a status indicator icon (or “harvey ball”) for each EDL item, based on the item’s Completeness value. If an EDL item has more than one (1) expected document, the number expected appears alongside the icon.

Not Started Icon Not Started
In Progress Icon In Progress
Completed Icon Complete
N/A (The EDL Item record does not exist for this site or there are zero (0) documents required.)

How to View Details

You can view details on a specific EDL item by hovering over the status indicator icon:

  • Completeness status
  • Percentage complete (# steady state documents / # expected documents)
  • Number of expected documents
  • Links to view matched documents

To view all matching documents, click View all and then use the Next and Previous arrow buttons to navigate through the complete list.

Filtering & Saving Custom Views

The Site Activation Progress view allows you to apply filters based a limited set of parameters. You can then save your filter settings as a custom view that you can return to later. Filters and saved views work here like they do in the Library or in a custom tab.