Vault Milestones specify important points in time at the Study, Study Country, and Study Site levels. During the course of a study, you accumulate documents of various types. By associating milestones with documents, you can measure milestone completeness by reporting on the status of the study’s documents and those documents’ milestones.

Viewing Milestone Hovercards

When you hover over a Milestone, Vault displays a hovercard for the record that allows you to quickly view a summary of the Milestone’s completeness.

Enabling Milestone Hovercards

Milestone hovercards are available in Clinical Operations Vaults with Milestone Autocompletion enabled. To enable milestone hovercards, navigate to the Milestone object in Admin > Configuration > Objects. In the Fields tab, open the Completeness field and select the Display in default lists and hovercards checkbox. You can also select this option for the % Complete field.

Viewing a Milestone’s Expected Documents

From a Milestone record, you can open a hierarchical view of all Expected Documents associated with that particular Milestone. Using this hierarchical view, you can easily see the status of all Expected Documents related to that milestone and drag and drop to upload new documents to the appropriate Expected Document record from this page.

Configuring EDL Hierarchical View

To make EDL hierarchical view available in your Vault, you can add a View Expected Documents user action to your Milestone or Expected Document List object lifecycle.

For the lifecycle states you want to make this view available for, configure a user action with the View Expected Documents action.