To use the Milestone Workspace, you must perform several configuration steps:

  • Add the Document Planning and Management section to the Milestone page layout
  • Update the permission sets for Milestone Documents, Milestone Workspace, and the Milestone Document field on the EDL Item according to your security configuration
  • Optional: If you want to have the ability to launch a multi-document workflow (for example, post-approval QC), you must have at least one multi-document workflow configured in your Vault.
  • Optional: If you want to have the ability to launch an object workflow for your Expected Documents (for example, Expected Document review/update), you must have that custom configuration in your Vault.

The Matched Documents table does not automatically show all documents that were matched to milestones before the Milestone Workspace was introduced (23R2 release). It does show any documents uploaded after the workspace was introduced.

When users run the Generate Missing Milestone Documents action from the milestone lifecycle, Vault regenerates the list of milestone documents and updates the Matched Documents table.