The Send Document Package action allows you to start workflows for multiple documents in a single process. This feature can help you to activate a trial site as quickly as possible. To use it, an Admin must first enable the feature and configure default workflows for each document type.

Accessing Document Package Actions

You can access the Send Document Package action from the Site object record listing page or a Site record detail page.

Note that you must be an Admin to use document package functionality and you must have a security profile that grants the Application: Workflow: Start permission and a document role that grants View Document permission on each document to include it in a document package.

How to Send Document Packages

To start multiple document workflows using the Send Document Package action:

  1. Open the actions menu for the Site record for which you wish to start a package. Select Send Document Package.
  2. Use the checkboxes to select the documents on which to start workflows. See below to learn how Vault determines which documents are displayed and which can be selected.
  3. Click Next.
  4. For each different workflow, fill in the required parameters. If you were starting the workflow for a single document, these are the fields that would appear on the workflow start dialog. See below for details.
  5. Click Send.
  6. Vault begins all of the workflows simultaneously. Once workflows have started, you can manage them separately.

About Workflow Parameters

When you use this action, all documents that are starting a specific workflow must use the same workflow start parameters. For example, if the Review workflow requires that you add a due date in the workflow start dialog, every document that starts the Review workflow as part of the same document package will use the same workflow due date. This behavior also applies to assigning users to roles for task completion.

Starting a shared workflow also means that users or groups selected for roles apply to all of the documents for that workflow and Vault will apply any allowed user override rules when you select users.

Eligible Documents

In order for a document to appear in the list for inclusion in a document package, it must meet these criteria:

  • The document is not a binder.
  • The document’s Process Name field includes Set up Site(s).
  • The document’s Study field includes the study for the selected site.
  • The document’s Study Country field is blank or includes the site’s study country.
  • The document’s Study Site field is blank or includes the selected site.

The documents listed for inclusion in a document package are grouped into study-, study country-, and study site-level documents. Only documents in a steady state will appear in the study and study country groups.

When Vault lists the available documents for a package, the checkbox for some documents may unavailable, meaning that you cannot select and include those documents in the package. There are various reasons why Vault prevents you from including a document:

  • No default workflow is specified for the document type and lifecycle.
  • The default workflow for the document type is inactive.
  • Your permission set does not include the Application: Workflow: Start permission.
  • The start step for the document’s default workflow has the setting Set next state entry fields enabled.
  • The start step for the document’s default workflow requires you to provide an eSignature.
  • The document is already in an active, non-Read & Understood workflow.
  • The first workflow segment (before a workflow task occurs) includes a conditional decision.