Study Selector is a tool for filtering documents by a single study. It allows selection of any study in your Vault and lists your recently selected studies. Study Selector is accessible from the Library, Reports, and Dashboards pages. By default, it displays “All Studies,” which means that no filtering is active. You can type in the selector field to see all matching studies (based on the Study Number value) and select a specific study.

Making a selection in Study Selector affects the following:

  • Search results are filtered by the selected study.
  • The Library only shows documents for the selected study.
  • When running reports with a study prompt, the prompt defaults to the selected study.
  • Binders only show documents for the selected study.

Using the Advanced Search Option

To use the search option, click the binoculars icon in the Study Selector’s search field. A separate dialog opens where you can search for a specific study using attributes other than study number, such as study name and phase.