The TMF Homepage provides an overview of critical metrics related to trial master files with easy insight into the most important action items related to a study. The TMF Homepage is available in all eTMF Vaults but requires some configuration to be accessed by users.

Configuration Overview

Enabling the TMF Homepage

Users will not be able to view or use the homepage until you enable it from Admin > Configuration > Tabs > TMF Homepage. Click Edit and set the Status to Active. Then, click Save.

Configuring Widget Labels

The widgets displayed on the TMF Homepage will reflect the labels of the object, object type, and milestone type.


Widget Label

Upcoming Milestones

  • "Upcoming"
  • Object Plural Label of the Milestone (milestone__v) object

Quality Issues

  • "Upcoming"
  • Object Plural Label of the Quality Issues (quality_issue__v) object

Calculating Timeliness

Timeliness is a way for you to track how long it takes your organization to approve a document and file it in TMF. Vault can calculate this value for you using parameters you define. To set up your Vault to calculate timeliness:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Application Settings > eTMF Features > Edit and set the Enable Timeliness Document Field Calculation checkbox.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Select a date field for Finalization Date and Filed in TMF.
  4. Select options for Timeliness Start Date and Timeliness End Date.
  5. Enter an amount (in days) for Threshold.
  6. Add the Timeliness field to appropriate document types.

When you approve documents that have the date fields you selected in step 2, Vault populates the Timeliness field with the Threshold value. The threshold value also appears on the Timeliness widget.

Configuring Field-Level Security

We recommend enabling field-level security for the Quality Issue and Timeliness document fields to make them read-only. This ensures accurate counts for both fields.