eTMF customers rely heavily on planned documents to understand the content they expect to collect for a given study and site. The Automatch Content with Planned Placeholders feature saves users time and reduces the burden of document reconciliation and deletion created by duplicate documents. You no longer need to locate the correct planned document before uploading a source file. You can now simply upload and populate fields. When uploading files or when classifying documents, Vault will suggest documents that do not yet include content.

There are two parts to this feature, which an Admin can turn on separately or together:

  • Automatch on new file upload: Finds matching placeholders when you upload a file to create a new document. This feature is not available when uploading multiple files.
  • Automatch on classify: Finds matching placeholders when you classify an unclassified document. This feature is not available when classifying multiple documents at once.

Admins with the Application: Edit permission can enable the feature from Admin > Settings > Application Settings.

When the “Automatch on classify” feature is enabled, Vault automatically creates the Obsolete state in the Unclassified lifecycle.